Delta Industrial Valves, Inc. is a manufacturer of Superior Quality Gate Valves. Delta has offered the industry many market firsts. These include the first full rated ASME 150 & 300 class knife gate valves, built in limit switch mounts, and the first integrated lockout device as standard product. The team at Delta prides itself in its ability to quickly transform new research and development concepts into real performing valves. By listening to their customers, Delta is able to manufacture superior valves that perfectly meet the customer’s needs.
Vermeire Industrial Products has supplied Delta Industrial gate valves to a customer in Russia.


The GPE Controls Valve Positioner is specifically designed for any control system applications that require high performance hydraulic control or continuous servo valve actuation. The GPE Controls Valve Positioner accepts electrical of pneumatic signal inputs from primary sensors. This signal is converted into a powerful hydraulic signal, through the use of an integrally mounted moving coil or diaphragm assembly and a jet pipe nozzle.
GPE boosters have an adjustable gain feature that allows optimum matching to the specific hydraulic system. The GPE Controls Valve Positioner features a unique dual bearing jet pipe suspension that minimizes any friction effects and practically eliminates dead band. Also, hydraulic pressure forces are counterbalanced and this allows hydraulic pressures up to 800 psi for jet pipe and 1000 or 2000 psi for controllers with 3/8" or 3/4" boosters.
Vermeire Industrial Products has supplied spare parts and services on GPE Controls Valve Positioner to a refinery in Spain.

The Hays Republic Hydraulic Model F-04632-00 Hydraulic Position Regulators are employed worldwide for use in refineries and petrochemical industries. They are used to regulate the position of the hydraulic cylinders utilized on Valves and other final elements. They are the first choice selection for applications that require power of hydraulics, the safety of 3 – 15 psig pneumatic signals, and repeatable, accurate positioning.
As the official Hays Cleveland representative for this product line,
Vermeire Industrial Products has supplied spare parts and services on Hays Republic Model F-04632-00 Hydraulic Position Regulators to refineries in the UK and Spain.


Various manufacturers have been designing and building custom hydraulic valve actuator/controls systems, some specialized in hydraulic actuator systems for Fluid Catalytic Cracking and Flexicoking units. In cases where the original manufacturer is no longer in business, we utilize reverse engineering to ensure that spare parts and services are available. In many instances our reverse engineering has enhanced these components to a state of technology over the original parts.
Vermeire Industrial Products can offer spare parts for FCC and Flexicoker valve actuator/controls systems.


Milton Roy is the world's largest manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps that set the industry standard for performance, accuracy and durability. Since 1936, Milton Roy has concentrated its scientific, engineering and production resources on the development and manufacture of equipment that accurately control fluids ranging from water to high viscosity polymers, corrosive or abrasive chemicals, toxic substances, and other difficult pumping media. In addition to a wide range of pumps, Milton Roy also provides pulsation dampeners, streaming current detectors, tanks and chemical feed systems.
Vermeire Industrial Products has supplied spare parts and new pump to a customer in Spain.


For newer Valves and in normal operation stuffing box lubrication is not recommended. However when a leak has developed which cannot be stopped by tightening the packing a sealant can be injected. Vermeire Industrial Products is recommending a high temperature sealant developed by Val-Tex. Founded in 1962, Val-Tex has grown to become the preferred provider of high quality valve maintenance products worldwide. Products include sealing and greasing "tube sealant" for valves in oil and gas. All Val-Tex lube sealants and silicone sealants are available in either stick or bulk packaging, unless otherwise noted.
This sealant can be purchased through Vermeire Industrial Products.

Preventing premature valve failure can be avoided when valve bolting is chosen with correct material for proper sealing, operation and performance of the valve. Also torque values must be selected for the appropriate bolt material and bolt size used. This is especially true for the cover flange / bonnet bolting and the internal bolting used in Slide Valves.
Vermeire Industrial Products supplies special fasteners and petro-chemical grade stud bolts.

Vermeire-Belting proposes and designs with you all types of transmission systems and their components. Central located in Belgium and having a stock of several thousand items allow us to deliver your orders as soon as possible, guaranteeing the continuity of your production tool. Their internet site gives you access to a detailed technical documentation and allows you to query our stock, to ask for a tender and, if you are already a client, to place a reservation on specific items.

In all markets customers do not buy technology; they buy the expected benefits those technologies will bring to them.